Specialist : Policy and Stakeholders – Sasol

Job Title: Specialist:
Policy and Stakeholders

Public Affairs

Business Unit:
Sasol Chemical Operations

Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Role Category:

Date: 29 May 2017

Position Summary

Purpose of job/role intent:

  • Develop and implement stakeholder engagement operational plans and programmes in line with Regional stakeholder Engagement Strategy.
  • Serve as a though leader in stakeholder Engagement , Policy and regulatory matters and position Sasol as a through leader in the field of Stakeholder Engagement, Policy and Regulatory.
  • Lead on Stakeholder expertise, bringing into Sasol the latest thinking and best practices on stakeholder and relationship management.
  • Oversee the development and management of stakeholder portal and oversee regular capacity building for end users.
  • Articulate company position and response on stakeholder material concerns or reputation risks.
  • Develop and conduct relationship reviews in line with world class research methodologies.
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagements and relationship building with key stakeholder especially local, provincial and surrounding communities.
  • Consistently research and analyse new codes, standard, legislation and regulation with consequences for stakeholder engagement, relationship management, lobbying and reporting.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications and Experience required:

  • Any relevant B degree
  • Advantageous: Social Sciences, Political science, business Management, public Administration and or legal
  • Min 5 years relevant experience and key accountabilities (Maximum 6 -8)

Core Elements of job key performance indicators

Business Results: Operational, Financial, and Technical results

1. Strategy and Budget

  • Support the development of the public and regulatory affairs strategies and objectives for Secunda Chemicals, Site Services and other Secunda based operations.
  • Develop and maintain relevant stakeholder engagement roadmaps and Calendars.
  • Evaluate and develop engagement plans to engage local communities, provincial municipalities, local and provincial government department , NGO’s, Unions and other stakeholders in support of socio economic transformation, reduction of youth unemployment and other social challenges.
  • Track and monitor the agreed budget targets.
  • Work with group stakeholder Engagement, Policy and regulations to secure the required licences for the Secunda Chemicals, Site Services and other Secunda based operations.
  • Applying, reviewing and developing relevant policies, practices, standards, procedures and methods in the performance of tasks.
  • buliding and maintaining relationships with customers, business units, government, community and political leadership and specialized bodies and participating in expert networks.
  • Positioning the specialist role as business partner, with influential relationships with managers, peers and business leaders.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement through innovation and creativity.
  • Developing reports for communication, feedback and engagement with relevant stakeholders.
  • Maintain a good reputation amongst external and internal stakeholders.
  • Positive perception of Sasol.
  • LTO Licenses in place.

2. Business Intelligence and research

  • Using group approved techniques and tools, design, implement and manage external and internal research projects to provide analysis and recommendations based on evolving stakeholder needs and trends.
  • Conduct in-depth geo and socio political analyses to understand the broader socio political environment in which the company operates, intimate understanding of political and public sentiment formation and articulation.
  • Pro-actively identify and analyse emerging issues in the local political, labour and civil society environment where Sasol can leverage good publicity and address reputational matters and concerns.
  • Accuracy and relevance of information gathered and analysis provided.
  • Data/ information to help with proactive management of stakeholders.
  • Trends and perception reports.

3. Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identify and map stakeholders that are material to Secunda Chemical, Site Services and other Secunda based operations as prioritised through the filters of company strategy , reputation risks and top/ priority issues.
  • Profile and analyse stakeholders. Gather intelligence on stakeholders expectations of the company, issues impacting the relationship with the company and Material concerns.
  • Develop and implement protocols and stakeholder engagement preferences.
  • Pre-empt the likely behaviors of stakeholders and the associated risk to business operations.
  • Timeliness and appropriateness of responses to external and internal stakeholder requests and enquires.
  • Stakeholders becoming ambassadors of the Sasol brand.
  • Quality of relationship with key stakeholders.

4. Project Management:

  • Develop and implement an operational plan in line with the regional stakeholder Engagement, Policy and Regulatory Strategy.
  • Manage stakeholder engagement and regulatory interventions as required.
  • Delivery of projects on schedule and on or under budget. Delivery of project as per the operational plan.

5. Leadership and Values:

  • Value behavior, personal development and effectiveness.
  • Leadership accountabilities to reach results (where applicable)
  • Serve as a thought leadership in the field of stakeholder Engagement, Policy and Regulatory Expert knowledge in the field
  • Build capacity and share expertise with external and internal interfaces personal mastery of engaging people (Culture)
  • Advise to the entire stakeholder fratenity in term people towards best practices best practices within Sasol’s stakeholder Engagement, Policy and Regulatory environment (Believing and doing).

Personal Attributes

Leadership behavior Competencies

One- Sasol mindset

Foster teamwork and collaboration

Role models customer focus

Impartial and Objective

Nurtures and Coaches

Builds partnership

Develops self

Fictional competencies

Delivers against accountabilities , trust others to do the same

SAP Knowledge (WM related)

Analytical Skills

Operations risk management

Knowledge of maintenance management systems

Production models, methods, philosophies

Asset management

Reliability focused maintenance

Ability to conduct root cause analysis


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